We would be thrilled to be a part of your special day and what better way than with a photo-story with you as lead characters!


We believe that photography should not have any strange postures and instead should be as natural and fun as possible. We always look for the conductive thread that leads us throughout the story so that no one loses a pinch of the personality or the tale of each character, the bride and groom.

Why all photo weddings have to be the same?
The answer you seek is:
NO, you just have to be original and do what we do with enthusiasm and commitment.


Here you can check our rates and types of services we provide for weddings. Go ahead … No fear!


Although we love our work, we have to talk about the hardest part: Our fees.

Our goal is to offer a complete photo coverage, reliable and with top quality. We believe that this moment of your special day should not be an obligation but a moment of relaxation full of good vibes and fun able to tell a common story between two families.


BASE  RATE: 1200 € + VAT.

You are entitled to two photographers (ourselves!), all day during the celebration and a USB memory with all the HD pictures with no watermarks.

Engagement Session: 250 € + VAT.

A photo session before the wedding, with at least one month in advance, so that you have a memory of your commitment.

Trash-the-dress Session: 250 € + VAT.

A relaxed photo shoot after the wedding, where the bride and groom return to their outfits, but without too many tricks, to achieve contrast between elegance and natural environment.


PhotoCall: From 150 €

A photo station on your wedding! We put at your disposal varied topics and gizmos for this station to become the soul of the party.

Printed Album: From 200 €

We can make an album truly handmade, 100% handmade scrapbook style or a digital album and then printed.

InstaPhoto: 20 €

Reel of 10 Polaroid’s, we include the camera and insurance to avoid friends with nervous fingers that only want to take pictures.

Digital Album: 130  €

In a format compatible with your TV so you can proudly show it over and over again when you have visitors.

* Unfortunately we do not teleport, so our rates do not include travel expenses and accommodation.
Remember: if your wedding is truly unreal, send us an email telling us why we should not charge you our fee …
Good luck!